Dominated couple story – husband and wife become sex slaves

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Synopsis: naturally submissive husband and wife who wanted to explore new horizons in their sex life gradually become sex slaves to a much younger couple they met on a swinging website.

The Owned Toys – How it all began” by Randi_Darkside

One year ago we visited Jamaica for our first time in our 22 year old marriage. We were staying at Club Med and saw that there was a nude beach just outside of the resort area that was also part of the package. It was an easy walk to the beach and we decided to just look and see what it was like.

Since we were staying at the Club, we just had to show our member card and the
two huge security guards smiled at us and wished us a good visit.
We walked into the security fenced area and saw a bar to the
right side and so we went there to have a drink. We kept our
bathing suits on while we sat at the bar and looked around. The
bartender was kind as he told us it sometimes takes time to get
used to this freer life. He reassured us not to feel out of
place as usually a couple new to a nude beach takes a while to
decide if they want to join in or not. He said that most of his
customers decide to try a walk on the beach nude at least once.
During our two drinks at the bar we saw all kinds of shapes and
sizes of nude people just enjoying the beach and the nice area.
We both saw our first black cocks as a number of black guys
walked right beside us and I got to see their cocks bobbing and
flopping around. Looked around at the guys sitting in the bar
area and lounging on the chairs. Since most of them had their
legs spread somewhat, I could clearly see their equipment. I
could not believe how some guy’s cocks were so big and how some
guys had large balls and sacks. There were all shapes and sizes.

One guy’s soft cock must have been 8 inches long. Another guy
had a ball sack that had big balls in it so it was the size of a
We also saw some many different type of women’s breasts. Some
drooped down and others jiggled and bounced as they walked across
the beach. I am not a lesbian but I was interested at the shapes
and sizes of all these different sized breasts. A few of the
women purposely teased the guys by strutting their stuff and
showing off their firm tight bodies to cause these guys to get
After our third drink, and after watching these naked people
walking around, my husband asked me if I wanted to try it by
walking along the water for a short walk. I was feeling very
excited inside and before I could answer, my husband Ted handed
me his bathing suit. He was naked. He undid my top as we walked
away from the bar and then I just stopped and took off my
bottoms. My large breasts hung down and bounced as we walked.
Ted’s cock was semi-hard, but not hard. We held hands as we
walked and when we touched the water with our feet, I noticed my
thick nipples were hard and extended. I was turned on by being
nude in front of these strangers. On our way back to the bar, a
young couple of about 25 passed by but they were still wearing
bathing suits. I heard the guy comment to his wife, “Wow, did
you see her tits?” I knew it was rude and inconsiderate as far
as the beach policy, but I felt proud that a young guy noticed my
breasts – the breasts of a woman that almost could be his mother.
At the bar we each had tequila shot after we slipped on our suits
again. I was so horny that I knew we had to leave the area. We
almost ran back to our beach house to have sex. We normally just
did it in the missionary position but today I pushed Ted onto his
back and climbed on top of him and inserted his large cock inside
me. He was so hard and I was so wet. I rode him as hard and
fast as I could and somehow he lasted longer than normal. In the
Jamaican heat we both climaxed and then I collapsed on him. We
were both drenched in sweat.
While we ate our dinner in our room still naked, we discussed how
our sex life and the nude beach excited and re-energized both of
us. After a bottle of wine, and a lot of discussing our wildest
fantasies, we somehow came to the conclusion that we both agreed
we were not getting any younger and we had had very limited
sexual experiences. We both wanted to try some other types of

sex, other than the regular missionary position weekly sex. We
agreed we should try new things and agreed that we should try
anything once. Our safeguard would be whenever one of us wrote
out a letter to the other to stop the experimentation. The
letter would mean that we would stop all further experimenting.
We got more and more excited as we talked about the possibilities
of this sexual experimentation. It felt like we were both
virgins and we were anticipating how our first sex would feel. I
was so excited that I got onto the bed and asked Ted to fuck my
mouth and cum inside my mouth. I had never swallowed cum before
and I was going to try it. Between my sloppy wet blowjob and Ted
fucking my throat he came and shot his cum into my mouth. I
swallowed the salty tasting liquid and showed Ted that I had
swallowed. Our first new adventure!
The next day we reviewed our new sexual attitude and confirmed
that we both wanted to try this. We knew we could stop at any
time so we both agreed it could not hurt our relationship. The
exciting part was that we both agreed we needed expand our sexual
experiences. Our one daughter, Jerry, was married and lived in
Australia. We were no longer very close after she found out she
was adopted and found her birth mother in Australia. It hurt a
lot but basically we were on our own so we had no one to hurt.
We had been married for 22 years so we knew we were committed to
each other. We just wanted to try other sexual experiences.
We started by getting ideas by reading Penthouse Forum letters
and stories on the internet. We moved from exhibitionism to
public sex. We then felt we would make a huge step forward and
look at swinging. We read all about the clubs and meeting places
and started by advertising on an internet swinging site with the
hope of meeting another couple. This was a huge step for us and
we proceeded slowly. Then we met the perfect interesting couple.
We met Jim and Sue by emailing each other during a three week
period. During this time we became so comfortable in discussing
sexual issues that in no time they seemed like old friends. They
were very helpful in helping us overcome our concerns. They also
were new to swinging but they had met up with one married couple
before. We looked to them for guidance in how to meet up with
them and join them for the night.
Jim and Sue were not married but had been together for 6 years.
Jim was 31, and 6′ tall. As we got bolder with our emails, he

sent a picture of himself in the nude. He worked out since his
body was toned but what was exciting was his thick cock that he
said was 8 inches long but it looked longer as it was about a
thick as a pop can. My husband Ted had a big cock, I though.
While Ted’s cock was 9 inches long it was thinner. Jim was
circumcised too and he had a vasectomy. In comparison to my Ted,
Ted was 10 years older, about the same height but about 20 pounds
heavier than Jim. Ted was naturally sterile too.
Sue was a bleached blonde beauty. She was 27 years old. From
the picture she sent, we saw she also worked out. Her 5’10” body
was toned and tanned. Her breasts were real and were 34C. They
looked large on her toned body. Her 34C-26-32 figure was quite a
bit smaller than my 38E-29-37 body. Sue had long shapely legs
and a tight bum. She used birth control pills so she was safe
from getting pregnant.
I could not help but compare her to me. I was the same height
but I was a bigger body. I felt proud that my big breasts were
more attractive than her 34C’. I had always been able to turn
the guys’ heads with my 38E breasts. Although I was 14 years
older than her, and my breasts needed supporting, I felt
confident that I had nicer breasts. I knew guys liked that and I
guessed her boyfriend would like to see my breasts.
Both of their pictures showed they had shaved their pubic areas.
We were trying to be accepted by them, so I had Ted shave my
pubic area. I had never done that before and my heavy cunt lips
looked even bigger and thicker without hair on them. When I
pulled my lips apart my clitoris popped out into plain view. I
have a large clitoris that was easy to see and easy to find in
the dark. My large clitoris was also very sensitive. Often I
could masturbate myself just by rubbing my big clit head with
just my finger for less that a minute. The one time Ted had
licked me after he shaved me he made me jump and scream by
licking my big clitoris. I had come very quickly too. It was a
great asset for my sexual satisfaction.
When Ted shaved his un-circumcised cock it looked even bigger,
but it was still thinner than the cock that Jim showed us in his
picture. I looked at Ted’s shaved cock and had to suck on this
new cock. I even swallowed his cum. I also rubbed his hairless
body all over with baby oil and took a picture that I sent to Jim
and Sue.
Our emails became more and more detailed. Sue and Jim taught us

how to use our web camera. Through our emails, they started
questioning our sincerity. They had told us that they had
communicated with other couples that just got weak and stopped
communicating. They had wasted a lot of Jim and Sue’s time so
now they were more careful. Before we could meet with them they
wanted to see us in action. So every evening at 8:00 pm was
playtime on the web camera. We were being tested. Our first web
camera show was a straight suck and fuck in the missionary
position evening. We showed Sue and Jim what our sex life had
gotten to.
For one hour each evening we discussed what we had learned from
Forum and other magazines and videos we had bought. We were
still quite reserved in our discussions with them. Then we were
assigned a fucking show for the night and we had to perform for
the camera. We did more and more wild things like the milder
videos and letters had suggested. Our last web show that week
had gotten to the point that Ted, my husband fucked me in the ass
and I fucked him with a dildo in the ass too. We had passed our
test and Jim and Sue invited us to meet with them for a night we
would not forget, but we had to agree to do it all or not show up
at all. We had already decided we would try anything they wanted
so we confirmed our agreement to meet with them and be played
with by them.
Before our first meeting we knew it would work out with Jim and
Sue. Our confidence was confirmed as we met Jim and Sue for
dinner at a restaurant. After a fantastic dinner, we agreed to
proceed in getting to know each other better on a personal level
and Jim and Sue came back with Ted and me to our large suite at
the Hard Rock Hotel. Jim and Sue had reserved the room in our
name and if they joined us they agreed to pay half for the
expensive room bill of $425.
When we got to the room Ted and I were very nervous so Jim and
Sue opened one of the two bottles of chilled champagne we had.
After two glasses each, they lit up a joint. We had not smoked
pot in many years. It took effect on me and I was very relaxed.
As we partied Sue and Jim asked us more questions about our sex
life. They had asked a lot of questions before they met us so by
now the questions were very personal. We were asked our about
our deepest and darkest thoughts and as well we just opened up to
them. We felt we knew them so well that as novices Ted and I
each talked about rougher and more diverse things we had read

about from reading stories on the internet and the Forum letters.
We were drunk and high and we discussed some very perverse
While I was talking about a story involving a husband and wife
switching partners for the weekend Sue got up and sat on the
other side of Ted on our loveseat. I looked from the other side
of Ted as Sue started rubbing my husband’s arms and shoulders.
It felt exciting as this stranger, another women, touched my
husband. When I saw her undo his pants and put her hand inside
his underwear I was just staring at her play with my husband.
Jim got up and took my hand. He led me across the room to the
loveseat he had been sitting on. After we sat beside each other
he looked into my eyes as he pulled my mouth to his and he kissed
me lightly at first. His soft lips brushed my lips. He pulled
my face closer and French kissed me with his tongue deep around
inside my mouth. His tongue explored my mouth. His tongue was
very talented as it moved in my mouth. I drifted in my thoughts
to a brief flash of what he could do with that tongue if he ever
put it in my pussy.
Then things started happening. I felt Jim pick me up and dance
with me. I kept on kissing him and then moved to kissing his
neck. My hands rubbed his back and then I squeezed his tight ass
cheeks. Somehow he had unbuttoned my red silk blouse and his
hands were caressing my stomach and my waist. He pulled off my
blouse as he pulled me over onto the king sized bed. It felt so
good. I was a bit out of it because somehow I had not seen him
take off his clothes but then he was naked. I reached out with
my hands and put both hands around his big cock. It felt so hard
and big. I got so excited; I just lost all my inhibitions. I
quickly stripped and was naked too. He put his head over my
pussy and was licking my pussy lips. His huge cock was above my
mouth so I just opened up and started sucking his thick cock. I
had read about making it sloppy and wet and I spit and licked and
sucked all I could.
Then he hit the magic button as he licked my clitoris. I jumped
my hips off the bed and I heard Jim laugh. He held my hips flat
on the bed and licked my engorged clit. I felt the first of my
orgasms come and rack my whole body as it passed. He continued
holding my body down and started sucking on my clit.
Unbelievably I came again almost instantly with an orgasm that
made me pass out. I was brought back to the current state as I
felt Jim’s huge cock going in and out of my stretched pussy. He

had entered me and was pumping his cock in and out of me. His
big cock did not hurt me but I was so sensitive that I was
jumping off the bed as he bottomed out inside me each thrust. I
felt another orgasm building as he was rubbing my clit too. I
was building to a huge orgasm as I felt Jim tell me he was going
to give me a nice load of cum inside me. I felt him bury himself
deep inside me and then felt him squirt his warm cum inside me.
He thrust deep and hard one more time. He pulled my bum tight to
him and stayed inside me as he softened. My pussy was so wet and
sensitive. I felt his cock shrink inside me and my pussy muscles
relaxed and released around his cock. When he pulled out his
cock my pussy let out a loud burping sound. I had been close to
an orgasm when he shot his cum inside me so I looked in his eyes
and asked, “Please make me cum again,” Jim’s smile changed and I
saw real authority in his face.
“Finger yourself and talk to me,” he ordered me in a stern voice.
Mechanically my fingers felt my clit and started rubbing in a
circular motion around it.
“What do you want?” he asked me.
“I need to cum,” I whispered to him.
“Fuck yourself with your fingers while I play with these big milk
bags tits of yours” he ordered.
I complied as I found I could easily put one, then two and then
three fingers inside me and fuck my pussy with my fingers. His
sperm was inside me and was gooey and wet so my fingers sounded
sloppy as they went in and out and fucked my used pussy.
Then I felt Jim lick my nipple. I have large thick nipples and
they were standing up like two thumbs. He used his teeth to pull
my big nipple away from my body and then let my tit drop again as
he moved to the other tit. He rolled me onto my side. My
fingers were still fucking my pussy. Since I was on my side he
lifted my right leg up and told me to hold it up. My right hand
pulled my leg up as my left hand fucked my pussy. I was putting
on a good masturbation show with my legs split like this. He
pulled my head over to the edge of the bed and put his cock at my
mouth. I opened up and tasted my pussy juices and his cum as I
licked it. He reached down and pulled on my right nipple and
stretched it away from my chest. He was pulling hard. I was
still fingering my pussy with one hand and I was building to an

orgasm. Jim was an expert and he noticed I was building up; he
pulled my nipples with both hands as I licked his huge cock. As
I was starting my orgasm he pinched my nipples hard as he
stretched my breasts outward and then he pushed his cock into my
throat. The pain and feeling of fullness made my orgasm come and
it was intense. He continued to pinch my nipples as I rode
through the orgasm. It was intense for me and I dropped my leg
from my right hand so my leg fell back onto the bed.
I had not recovered yet when I felt him roll me over and push my
legs over my body toward the bedpost. While I was on my back he
put his thick cock into my stretched cunt again. He pumped me
and my big breasts bounced and hit my face as they rolled around
from the fucking I was getting. I was no longer aware of what my
body was sensing and it was as if I had moved outside of my body.
I was brought back to reality when Jim slapped my each of my
breasts with his hand. The pain woke me up. Jim had pulled out
of my pussy and was straddling my stomach. Using his hand he
pumped his cum onto my breasts and my face. My tongue licked a
big gob off my lips.
Jim was not done with my sensitive body. As I lay on the bed on
my back, he pulled my legs wide apart on the bed. His wife Sue
got into a 69 position over me. I looked up as a liquid dripped
out of her swollen red pussy onto my face. Then I felt her
sucking my clitoris and licking my pussy. She was sucking her
husbands cum out of me. She pushed her pussy into my face and I
wiggled to stop her. Her husband Jim held my face as she settled
her pussy onto my face. She grunted and forced the cum out of
her pussy into my face and mouth. The juices were hers and my
husband Ted’s cum mixed together and now I was eating it. I
started licking and sucking as deep inside her pussy as I could
reach with my tongue. I wanted to get all of my husband’s cum
out of her.
Sue was good at pussy licking and I was ready to cum again. I
had licked a lot of my husband’s cum out of her pussy when I felt
an orgasm building. Sue knew when to stop and she got off of me.
I wanted to get off and I wiggled my hips as I put my hands to
my clit to rub it. Ted grabbed my hands and held them above my
head. Sue took one of the empty champagne bottles and put the
neck at my pussy lipped. I shouted “NO” as Jim’s hand covered my
mouth and his wife pushed the bottle into my pussy. Sue started
fucking my pussy with the bottle and making sure that the thick
part of the bottle hit my clit each thrust. They could tell I
was close to Cuming from this bottle fucking and Sue rubbed the

thicker part on my clit and then stopped.
“Tell us what you want us to do with this bottle in your cunt,
you slut?” Jim asked.
I tried to get off by wiggling my hips but they held me still.
When Jim took his hand off my mouth, I just blurted out, “fuck me
fuck me with the bottle, just make me cum.” In just a few
strokes of the bigger part of the bottle hitting my clit as the
neck of the bottle fucked my pussy, I came. I shook and shook
and Sue kept on fucking me with the bottle. Then I came with my
strongest orgasm yet. Jim let go of my arms as I lay there like
a rag doll. I was exhausted. Sue left the champagne bottle
sticking out from my pussy.
I awoke and in my exhausted state I hear a sloppy licking and
sucking going on. The slurping sound was masking a voice trying
to talk through it. I looked to the side and saw that Jim had
his cock in my husband Ted’s mouth and was fucking his mouth.
His wife, Sue, was sucking on my husband’s cock. There was a lot
of sucking going on next to me on our king-sized bed. I heard my
husband Ted yell as Jim’s wife pulled my husband Ted’s cock out
of her mouth and pumped it with her hand. She pointed it to my
face stomach and stoked him as he shot his cum out onto me. My
husband’s cum hit my stomach and then some hit my tits. Jim then
pulled his cock from my husband’s mouth and with three pumps he
pushed his cum out and it splattered onto my husbands face, his
chest and then his cock. My husband had been baptized by another
man’s cum. He had sucked his cock. I dozed off again as I felt
hands rubbing my breasts.
I awoke to the sound of room service delivering our breakfast.
Jim ordered Ted to the door to receive the breakfast. Ted jumped
up, still groggy and naked and as he went to put on his gown, Sue
took it from him. He was naked as he went to the door. As he
was holding the door to cover himself but allowing him to sign
for the meal, Jim called out, “Hey husband, get that food in here
so I can fuck you wife again,”
Ted took the cart from the young bellhop and his face was beet
red as he rolled the cart into the room. His nakedness showed
his cock was hard. His hard cock confirmed that my husband, Ted,
got off on being humiliated in front of some
Before eating breakfast, Sue took my husband Ted into the shower.
When they were done, I took Jim’s hand and pulled him into the

shower. I was going to do a better job on Jim than what I though
Sue did to Ted. I rubbed and scrubbed Jim all over as I French
kissed him. I sucked his cock hard and lathered it all up again.
The deep thick purple veins made such a ribbed pattern as I
rubbed my soapy hands all over his fabulous cock. I sucked each
of his nipples. Then Jim scrubbed me all over and especially
washed my nipples, tits and pussy. He pushed the soap into my
pussy and then used the nozzle to wash out my pussy. I was clean
and now I was horny.
Jim and Sue had other plans for breakfast. When Jim had finished
drying everywhere on me with a soft white towel, he led me out to
the suite. There were two massage tables set up in the room. My
husband Jim was laying on his back on one table and Sue was
decorating his body with the strawberries and chocolate syrup. I
was told by Jim to lie on the other table and hold my husbands
hands. I did.
Both Jim and Sue decorated my naked body with food from the
breakfast tray. Whip cream was sprayed on my tits and
strawberries were put in the whipped cream. Maple syrup was
poured over my body and into my pussy. An unpeeled banana was
inserted into my pussy and stuck half way out of my pussy. To my
surprise, Sue started licking my stomach to clean up the maple
syrup. Her husband Jim started licking my husband’s nipples to
remove his whip cream and the chocolate strawberries. He worked
his way to my husbands cock. Sue cleaned up my tits and sucked
my belly button clean of the syrup. Jim started sucking on my
husband Ted’s chocolate syrup covered cock. My husband was hard
immediately. Sue pulled the banana in my pussy in and out with
her mouth. I was feeling good down there. Sue continued
cleaning me with her tongue. She used her hands to pull my tits
by their nipple so they stretched from my body. As one was
stretched she slapped the flesh meat with her hand. I moaned and
jumped at the same time. Sue laughed as she repeated pulling my
left tit with by its nipple and then slapping my 38E tit with the
hand. I groaned from the pain and moaned from the pleasure. She
continued slapping one tit at a time while she fucked my pussy
with the banana. Her husband Jim laughed as he saw what was
going on. He dropped the leaf on the massage table so my legs
hung to the floor. He pulled out the banana and lifted my legs
up toward my chest. He pushed his dry huge cock into my wet
pussy and started burying himself down to his balls inside me.
His wife kept up the torture on my tits, stretching and slapping
one tit at a time. I looked over to see my husband watching my
treatment. And then I started having an orgasm. A set of shocks

hit inside me and they were set off by each slap on my now sore
tits. I felt Jim pull out of me and shoot his cum all over my
wet pussy lips and clit. His wife, Sue kissed me with a long
French kiss.
Sue went over to my husband and got onto the table. She impaled
my husband’s big cock into her cunt as she slid down onto of his
hard-on. She started riding his hard cock as I watched. Her
husband Jim started licking my husband’s bare nipples and held
his head onto the table with one hand. Ted my husband just
moaned as his tits were being sucked and his cock was being
fucked. I heard Sue moan and she cried out as she had an orgasm.
She collapsed onto Ted. After Sue recovered she got off my
husband and started pumping his cock. Ted continued sucking his
nipples. Jim just lay there immersed in his enjoyment. His hips
started bucking and Sue caught all his cum into her hand. She
took his cum and rubbed it all over his reddened nipples and his
face. His own cum was on his upper body.
I thought we were finished when I felt Jim lift me from the table
and made me kneel on the bed. I was on all fours and facing my
husband. Jim entered my pussy from behind and started fucking my
swollen and sensitive pussy as I looked at my husband. Sue did
not want to be left out so she got to me and kissed me as she
played with my hanging breasts. She used her hairbrush and she
rubbed and slapped each of my breasts as they swung from my body
moving as I was getting fucked from behind.
Sue was rough on my tits. I know she was jealous of my size so
it seemed like she made sure she worked hard on them. When she
was tired of abusing my tits she moved over and sat on Jim’s
face. She rubbed her pussy all over my husband’s face while her
husband was fucking my swollen and well used pussy. Sue must
have been horny because I heard and saw her go through her orgasm
as she rubbed my husbands face. Her husband Jim was also ready
and he pushed deep inside me as he pumped three more times
dumping his gooey cum inside me. He rotated me around so my
husband could see his cum drip out of my cunt as it rolled down
my legs as I was left on all fours on the bed. Finally, Jim
slapped each of my ass cheeks so they hurt. His red handprints
were staring at my husband as this other man’s cum dripped out of
my pussy.
After we had all caught our breath and calmed down I laid on my
back on the bed. I was drained, physically and emotionally.
This experience had been beyond our wildest dreams. Jim told us

stand about 4 feet away from each other, facing each other and
fold our hands behind our head. This pose pushed out my red and
swollen breasts. He told us to spread our legs. Ted’s balls
hung down from his soft cock. I felt juices flowing out of my
pussy and down my leg. We were instructed to look at every part
of each other’s body. I saw cum and juices all over my husband’s
body. He smiled. He was enjoying this.
Sue and Jim cleaned up and packed as we stood looking at each
other in our demanded pose. In about 30 minutes Jim came and
kissed me and Sue kissed my husband Ted. Jim took my red thong
underwear as a memory and Sue took a picture of us, husband and
wife, with hands behind our head, legs spread and 4 feet apart
looking at how each other’s body had been used as a sex toy this
weekend. “For the scrapbook” she said. Then they were gone.
Ted and I were so tied that we showered and then cuddled up and
slept. We woke up for the 4 o’clock check out time and when we
went to pay the ½ of the room charge we found out that all the
charges had been charged to our room and Jim and Sue had not paid
for any of the room, the champagne, nor the room service. We
paid the entire $710.00 bill. The clerk handed us a brown
envelope that I put into my bag. We hurried to the airport and
were so tired we slept on the plane home. Our trip hope by car
was fast and we did not talk about the weekend other than Ted’s
saying, “Well that was different, but fun”. I replied, “Yes”,
not knowing if I was agreeing with him that it was different or
it was fun.
At 9:30 pm I was having a warm bath to relax and get ready for
bed. My purse was on the bathroom counter and I noticed the
brown envelop that Sue and Jim had left for us at the hotel desk.
I sliced it open with a nail file. I pulled out the two
pictures. My sore pussy helped me remember the picture of me
kneeling on all fours. I also realized how submissive we were as
the second picture showed us facing each other with our sexually
used bodies being displayed for our partner. I pulled the
handwritten note.
Dear Randi and Ted;
We had a great night playing with this weekend. Your sore pussy
will feel better in a couple of days. Your husband’s sore cock
will also feel better soon.
You were very good students. We both like your submissiveness

and see how much you enjoy being controlled. We would like to
meet up with you again, SOON. Jim would like to play with those
big tits of yours more than he got to last night. I would like
to help your husband improve his pussy licking skills and have
his cock rammed up inside me again. We have so many games we can
play with such good students.
After you have read this note at home, email us to confirm that
you can meet us next weekend for two nights together. We will
meet you for a dinner at your place.
We both look so forward to your favorable response and your
request for us to join you for the weekend. We promise it will
be a great weekend for all four of us.
Sue and Jim
I held up the picture while I soaked in the tub and re-read the
letter. Jim really liked my big tits and wanted more of me and
my tits. I was so happy inside. A sexy guy like Jim wanted me
again. While I had been reading and looking at the picture I was
fingering my clit. I put the picture down and pushed three
fingers inside my pussy and started fucking myself. I came in a
less than a minute with a shattering climax that made my body go
limp in the warm bath. I knew I had to convince Ted to want to
meet Sue and Jim that weekend. As I dried myself I knew just how
to do it.
Ted was reading a book in bed. I walked in with my robe only and
dropped it as I crawled next to him on the bed. I reached down
and pulled off his shorts as he quietly protested that he was
tired. I took his big cock into my mouth and started a sloppy
blowjob. I took his hand and rubbed his fingers over my nipples.
He started massaging my tits as I sucked him off. To my
amazement, as my mouth was full with his cock, he said, “Honey I
had a great time this weekend. I didn’t like doing all the
things but hell at least we experimented with new things. Would
you ever want to try that again, I mean not right away, but
I took my mouth off his cock and started pumping him. I give
very good hand jobs and I changed the pace of pumping his cock as
I spoke. Being coy, I said, “You mean you would like to meet up
with Sue and Jim again.”

Ted replied, “Well I was thinking maybe we could, if you ever
wanted to.”
Ted was getting ready to cum and I played a quick game with him,
“Okay Ted, how about this weekend then.”
With his climax building I knew he was putty in my hands, I
increased the pumping and slapped his balls. Ted begged out,
“Yes, let’s do it this weekend,” as he shot his cum onto my hand
and his stomach.
And that was the start of our new sexual life. Since then we
have met Sue and Jim over 15 times so far. We have learned that
both my husband and I are really submissive sexual people and we
need to be controlled by domineering people to be able to get the
highest level of sexual gratification. We are fortunate to have
found such a fantastic set of domineering Masters in Sue and Jim.
Ted and I have become a submissive husband and wife white couple
and we really enjoy the sexual gratification we get from being
played with, as instructed. There is no explanation for why we
do enjoy it. But we have learned that we need to be controlled
to get the deep sexual sensations that we had never achieved
before. We get such intense sexual pleasure from being
submissive that we look forward to each new meeting.
Over this last six months our Masters have added some items to
our life. I now usually have a silver ¾ inch nipple ring in each
of my big nipples. They clearly show through when I wear my
normally tight low cut stretch tops. I also have a ring in each
of my labia lips. By grabbing each lip at the place of the ring
and pulling the lips apart, my big clit pops out so it can be
played with. I have let my hair grow longer and it now reaches
down my back. I wear it in ponytails when Master wants to grab
them to fuck my face. I am also now a blonde. Because of my
large breasts I usually wear a push-up bra to force my breasts to
push out of my tops even more. My big nipples seem to always be
hard. I seldom wear underwear. My wardrobe has changed to more
tight tops with big necklines to show off my cleavage. When a
man or even a woman meets me in public their eyes always stay
focused on my huge 38E tits and my obvious two nipple rings. I
enjoy teasing them, knowing that Master Jim really likes them too
and always pays extra attention to them in our sexual games.
My husband Ted has also had some changes. Ted became very
submissive and wound up being a fantastic bisexual player. My

husband Ted also does not wear underwear, ever. He has a silver
ring through his ball sack that is often used to secure him as
needed. He is required to always be shaved so his hairless body
can be oiled up easily or just to show someone else that Jim has
made my husband Ted follow his orders.
We have become Jim and Sue’s personal sex toys and we enjoy it.

All characters, people, relationships and situations in this
story are absolutely sexual fiction. There has been no intention
to make this story represent any actual situations or real
persons or real relationships. It is written purely for your
pleasure. Remember to always practice safe sex.

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  1. Mike says:

    Awesome…wish very much could have been the submissive couple!!

  2. michael says:

    i wanna be dominated! 217-761-7063

  3. Rick says:

    Love the story! Too many authors shy away from bisexual content. You hit it all.

    I often fantasize about a similar scenario where a young couple are dominated by a slightly older bi couple. The young couple have gotten themselves into a jam and reluctantly agree to an “anything goes” weekend to get themselves out of trouble without realizing that the older couple are bi. They learn a LOT of new things